Make your website 40% faster and increase revenues.

Sweeps loads your third-party tools without slowing down your pages.

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Boost Conversions & Revenue

Our customers experience an immediate boost in conversion rates and revenues. Don't let slowness drive users away.

Improve SEO Rankings

Loading times have a huge impact on SEO ranking. Don't let hours of development work be ruined by third-party solutions

Unlimited Third-party Stack

Integrate any third-party solutions you need in one-click. Don't limit your team because of performance concerns or lack of resources

Better User Experience

53% of mobile users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Merely your 3rd party stack can cause far more than 3 seconds slowdown.

Sweeps supports all your third-parties, and loads them faster.

What you get with Sweeps

Optimized timing

Sweeps uses ML and WebAssembly to decide when to load each tool according to each specific visitor characteristics, such as Device or Location.

Script inlining

Sweeps prevents loading several external resources, by fetching 3rd-party scripts and in-lining them in one minified script.

Light mode

Sweeps lets you load a wide set of third-party tools in a lighter version to prevent heavy tools from slowing down your pages.

Easy integrations

Add third-party tools in seconds using our interface, or use a custom template to add any snippet you might need, with no coding involved.

Supported Technologies

Sweeps supports all the tools that you already know and love.
Easily add a set of tools using our templates, or paste any other code snippet.

Are third-party tools slowing you down?

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