Dec 02, 2019

Analytics don’ts: Firing interactive events automatically to Google Analytics

Everyone knows that engagement is what matters in digital products. Thus, running a successful online business means that you have to be able to deeply understand your user’s behavior.

Dec 1st, 2019

Analytics don’ts: slow tags and pixel deployment

Everyone knows that a good mobile experience is all about speed. In most companies, speed is considered solely a developers' problem, but the truth is speed and execution timings affect almost everyone in a company.

Oct 1st, 2019

Analytics don’ts: adding UTM parameters to buttons

Many times across the internet we see UTM tracking being used incorrectly. One very common misuse is adding UTM parameters to buttons on your website. Don’t feel bad if this is you — it’s a very common mistake. We are here to help you fix it.

Oct 12th, 2019

Analytics don’ts: losing the gclid, Google Ads’ auto-tagging parameter

There are plenty of myths out there regarding the famous Google Ads feature: auto-tagging. It is time to break some of them.